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  • Talent Focus Consulting has been an ideal partner for our candidate assessment needs as an executive search firm. In short time, Ms. Mallek has become a trusted resource and ally to our entire team by providing continual attention to address our client’s needs. Her ability to provide clarity to the assessment tool’s findings has allowed our clients to dig deeper into focused areas of an executive’s abilities and behavioral traits.

    Thank you!!

    Mike Quick
    Vice President, Client Relations & Business Development
    Quick Leonard Kieffer

  • "Working with Talent Focus Consulting has given Tanglewood Conservatories so much insight into how to make the right choice when hiring the right candidate. Kelly is on the ball with helping me get things turned around in a hurry and making sure we choose the right assessment. She also is great in follow through with information to help our new hires. Keep up the good work Kelly and Talent Focus Consulting." - Sheryl Neighoff, Human Resources Tanglewood Conservatories

    Sheryl Neighoff

  • I highly recommend Talent Focus Consulting for any of your employee assessment needs.  With Kelly Mallek’s expert advice and assistance, our company was able to access a branded portal for the administration. In addition to reporting of the assessments we utilize for development of our supervisors and managers.  Kelly kept in constant contact with us during the set-up phase and shared much-needed best practices when we were trying to determine the proper course of action for our project.  Not only did Kelly deliver expeditiously on our request, she went above and beyond to understand what future needs we might have. Also she recommended applicable solutions that we hope to utilize in the future.   Thanks Kelly and team

    Gayla Johnson

    Corporate Organizational Development

    Gayla Johnson

  • I have used PXT Select assessments as part of my standard procedure when hiring employees for my therapy practice in Central New York State for nearly eight years.  I have found the information acquired through this process to be very valuable in making hiring decisions. In addition to creating a functional and effective administrative leadership team.  Kelly Mallek is the third consultant I have used in this process over the years. Kelly was responsive, respectful, insightful, and an excellent resource when making hiring decisions.  I can strongly recommend the use of PXT Select assessments when making hiring decisions.  I can also strongly recommend working with Kelly at Talent Focus Consulting.

    Dana Mandel, PT

    President, Life Span Therapies

    Dana Mandel

  • Kelly Mallek with Talent Focus Consulting is a customer focused Organizational Development professional who provides a full range of employee assessments. From candidate selection and team strengths to leadership skills and customized development plans. Kelly provides a customized approach to measuring leadership and team effectiveness.

    Kimberly Perry, PHD, PCC

    Kimberly Perry

  • I recently utilized tools and guidance from Talent Focus Consulting in an executive coaching and leadership development project.  Both my client and I found the experience engaging and powerful!  The tools allowed my coaching to focus on very specific areas for growth. In addition to opening productive dialogue .We have set a foundation for the future and this was groundbreaking.  I love it!

    Jeff Foley-Brigadier General US Army (retired)

    Jeff Foley

  • Talent Focus Consulting provided my son with great insight into his skills and abilities in addition to outstanding career counseling advice. Using the Pathway Planner (aka Focus My Talent) assessment report tool, they were able to assist him with gaining a better understanding of how he thinks and interacts with others. While guiding him in understanding what he is truly interested in. Wow!

    Kelly and Brent's real value was in interpreting the results of the assessment and explaining it in terms he understands. There are many assessment tools on the market but they do not have experienced professionals. However Kelly and Brent are able to explain results in terms that are understood by those not in the Human Resources profession, like you and me! Thank you Kelly and Brent! My son has re-enrolled in a University and is on his way to obtaining his degree and achieving future success due to your great advice and counsel. I highly recommend Talent Consulting and the Kelly/Brent team! They provide great value, insight and service. I wish we could clone them because the world needs more talented individuals like this duo! - October 9, 2013

    Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Good Value

    Rick & Carmella Wittmann

    Rick & Carmella Wittmann

  • We became aware of Talent Focus as a business tool used to identify successful candidates. However as parents of a typical 16 year old high school junior, who had no idea what he wanted to be when he grew up, we were interested in Talent Focus as a tool for helping him find a way to choose a college major and future profession.

    The Focus My Talent survey was very straight forward, and our son took a rather short amount of time to complete. Afterwards, we reviewed the results with him and were surprised how closely his PERSONAL profile aligned with the person we know. What we found of greatest value was to see how his ATTRIBUTES correlated with different professions.

    Having a list of potential career paths became a starting point. We used that list to research what these professions did and to promote ideas on what career paths might be of greatest interest to our son. From there it was an easy connection to what majors were best suited to help a professional along that path.

    We fully anticipate our son will reconsider his choice once he starts college, and he may even change his major once hes actually exposed to that field of study, but we expect that knowing his CAREER FOCUSED PREDISPOSITION will help him at this future juncture.

    We would recommend using this tool to any parent whose child is preparing to apply to college and is unsure on what major to study.

    John and Tara Krincek


    John and Tara Krincek

  • "I am currently a junior at Georgia Regents University. I took the Focus My Talent assessment last year and have used the results to clarify my career goals. In addition I was able to learn more about myself as a potential employee. I was and still am an accounting major but I wanted to identify my strongest skills. Also, to learn how I could apply them to specific fields in accounting. I also wanted to discover other strengths and weaknesses of mine that are relevant to a work environment.

    As an accounting student interested in the public accounting career path. Therefore, there were a few directions that I could go in. These areas differ in the skills required and the work environment. I used the results of the Focus My Talent assessment to steer my goals towards the area that I found to be the best fit for me. My most recent success has been attaining an interview at a regional accounting firm. While I don't yet know the outcome, I was able to relay my skills and strengths effectively. Because of this, I was confident in what they were.

    Self-awareness is important because we can't capitalize on our strengths or work on our weaknesses if we do not know what they are. The Focus My Talent tool allowed me to realize the qualities and skills that I have and helped me identify areas that I can improve. As a result, I am more confident in my abilities as a future accounting professional and I feel sure that I am working towards goals that will allow me to utilize my skills to achieve personal and professional fulfillment."

    Holly Avrett

    Holly Avrett

  • I had the recent opportunity to hire the Talent Focus Consulting (TFC) firm in support of an improvement project for my seven member Leadership team.  The project involved leveraging assessment tools provided by TFC to increase awareness of strengths and weaknesses for the team and individual leaders as well as develop specific action plans.  Overall, I was thoroughly surprised to find a comprehensive firm like TFC in this market.  Based on prior experiences with firms in much larger markets like Boston, the premium service and professionalism provided throughout the process by TFC was parallel to those larger firms.  For example, Kelly and Brent Mallek from TFC were essential in coaching me on the proper delivery of the assessment(s) in order to insure “buy-in” for our organizational development project.  Their actions exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend TFC based on this project.”

    Tyrone Ellis-VP Global Integrated Supply Chain - Club Car USA

    Ingersoll Rand - Industrial Technologies

    Tyrone Ellis

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