John and Tara Krincek

We became aware of Talent Focus as a business tool used to identify successful candidates. However as parents of a typical 16 year old high school junior, who had no idea what he wanted to be when he grew up, we were interested in Talent Focus as a tool for helping him find a way to choose a college major and future profession.

The Focus My Talent survey was very straight forward, and our son took a rather short amount of time to complete. Afterwards, we reviewed the results with him and were surprised how closely his PERSONAL profile aligned with the person we know. What we found of greatest value was to see how his ATTRIBUTES correlated with different professions.

Having a list of potential career paths became a starting point. We used that list to research what these professions did and to promote ideas on what career paths might be of greatest interest to our son. From there it was an easy connection to what majors were best suited to help a professional along that path.

We fully anticipate our son will reconsider his choice once he starts college, and he may even change his major once hes actually exposed to that field of study, but we expect that knowing his CAREER FOCUSED PREDISPOSITION will help him at this future juncture.

We would recommend using this tool to any parent whose child is preparing to apply to college and is unsure on what major to study.

John and Tara Krincek